About Gas Group

Gas Group is a privately owned company, registered with the Ministry of Commerce, Government of Afghanistan and has been established since 2006, but its history with constituent parts goes back many years to the changes of late 2001. The sum of these parts is summarized below.

Gas Group has planned for domestic distribution of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) with a variety of cylinder capacities ( 11 and 44s kg) for door-to-door service directly to customers. This may be to private residences (house to house), hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, business centers, commercial centers and/or industrial centers located mainly in the surroundings of Kabul, initially.

Gas Group is wholly committed to customer service, whether in bulk to industrial customers, or through the distribution system outlined above. By basing the company business plan on large volume throughput to generate profit, the price to customers will be kept low. This broadens the market and enables lower income groups to benefit from the availability of this ample resource for heating in winter and cooking year round.

The accent on turnover for profit will also have a positive environmental input. The truckloads of firewood and brushwood seen stripping the countryside daily is already causing a problem of erosion and will result in desertification ultimately if not checked.