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Auto gas from Gas Group

Posted on: August 16, 2007


Gas group is going to start auto gas soon

Gas group is planning to start the auto gas program in the near future in Afghanistan. This is the system by which we can convert the petrol consuming vehicles in to LPG consuming system. The main benefit of this program, conversion of petrol consuming vehicles in to LPG consuming system, which is 30% percent cost effective than petrol.

A company called Voltran they sent their engineers had come from turkey to start this program in Kabul and train afghan technicians in the field of auto gas. We have contacted the directorship of the Ministry of labour & Human resources and General department of technical and vocational education Ministry of Education to get technicians. They are going to provide us trained technicians who got training in Basir technical and vocational training centre and from the department of technical and vocational education. Once we got a first batch technician who gets trained by our Turkish engineers then we can request for more and more trained technicians from them. We hope this will be in favour of both as we want to get use of their out put and their efforts of training and jobless young Afghans. It is an honour for us to find such trained technician easily and Gas Group want to use our own Afghan resources for its future operations.

These technicians will get training from our Turkish engineers for a sufficient period and at the end of this successful training period we will issue them a certificate mentioning “Auto Gas Technician” which will be useful for their future endeavours and this they will have the privilege to use it for their favour.