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Gas Group Joins Durulsan

Posted on: September 10, 2007

The chief Executive of gas Group had a visit to Istanbul turkey last week in order to strengthening the technical portion of the company.  During his visit, he had a meeting with the General Manager of Durulsan Company. Durulsan Company is a LPG Steel Machine Construction Industry and Trade (Import and Export).

On the out come of the meeting both parties had an agreement and promised for mutual cooperation. Therefore, a MoU was signed and Gas Group has 10% shares of the Durulsan Co.

On the other hand Mr. Recep who is the General Manager of Durulsan Co. has appointed as a Chief Technical Advisor and Safety Officer in Gas Group.


Gas Group by being the partner of the Durulsan co. has a wonderful chance to advance the standards of its both technical and safety portions up to European level.


 Gas Group is the name of standard amongst all LPG providers in Afghanistan.