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Business Development Delegation in Turkey Group Gas 

Posted on: July 10, 2007


Our Chief Executive along with his PA has left Kabul for Turkey this morning for business delegation from July 10, 2007 to July 13, 2007, which is arranged by Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) and Turkish Embassy.

 A count of 40 businessmen and investors from private sectors are accompanying along with our Chief Executive to visit three major business and industrial cities of Turkey (Istanbul/Bursa/Tuzla). The purpose of this visit is to exchange professional experience with government officials, business counter parts and business specialists in Turkey. The delegation will also gain knowledge on their technical and technology experience in different aspects of the business and the implementation of the same techniques and technologies here in Afghanistan.

 Our CE and his PA will stay in Turkey after this official delegation to evaluate some of LPG consuming appliances and import the same to Afghanistan. The main course of action will be in bringing the different types of cookers, cooker rings, heaters, boilers and etc. They will also have a deep analyzation on auto gas companies for bringing the same technology to Afghanistan. Apart from the above mentioned issues their main focus will be on auto gas technology and import of mini tanks, tankers from Turkey for supplying gas to the commercial side.

 This business trip is one of the important one for gas group to promote its technical portion and to import some standard LPG appliances and equipments.

 Turkey has a lot of gas companies and it will be effective for Gas group by exchanging ideas and experience. With the outcome of this trip Gas Group can do many achievements in LPG trade from Turkish businessmen and investors.

 We are always working on providing the standard appliances and equipments for our customers to ensure the safety and convenience consuming of LPG.


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