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Inauguration ceremony of 1st Gas Group Branch

Posted on: July 12, 2007


A grand inauguration of Gas Group first branch took place yesterday morning around 11AM in 3rd Makro Rayan.


Mr. Azarakhsh, the Director of Afghanistan International Chamber of Commerce and the Chief Operation Manager Kabul Bank Mr.  Haji Khalil, who cut the golden ribbon and opened the branch.  Both of them explored in their statements that the branch has all the facilities of internet, wireless radios, computers and well qualified staff. They blessed for our great future operations.


Now people can find hassle free to know about Gas Group by stepping in to new show room. If our customers order LPG in the duty hours the same will be delivered to them as soon as possible with our newly equipped branch.


The whole program was covered by different TV channels Gas Group is looking forward to establish more branches in Kabul city soon.